Fiddler's Green Farm

Fiddler’s Green Farm is one of the newer organic farms in the Treasure Valley, yet they are one of the largest suppliers of local produce to the Boise Co-op. They grow over 50 varieties of edible crops and over 100 varieties of flowers (some of which are also edible). Located on 6 leased acres in the Dry Creek Valley, they currently cultivate 4 acres. Due to their small scale, they take pride in being a “high-tough” farm and doing pretty much everything by hand.

While their initial impetuses for getting into farming vary from a penchant for punk rock music and vegetarianism to studying ecology, to being dismayed at conventional farming practices, all the Fiddler’s guys have this in common: they are anti-establishment. It’s not an uncommon theme in the farming world, especially among younger farmers. And at a time when the average age of a farmer in the US is over 60, we’re excited to see these guys pursue a better way of caring for the land.

Fiddler’s Green Farm Snapshot

  • Grow 6 varieties of garlic

  • Started in 2016

  • Selling to Boise Co-op since 2016

  • Fiddler’s Green also sells produce at the Boise Farmers Market and through their CSA share